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Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Tizra Summit 2019: Getting to the heart of organizational engagement with individualized analytics

Author(s): Nathaly Branham, Auto Care Association

Nathaly Branham of the Auto Care Association walks through a key leg of their digital transformation journey. Partnered with Tizra, they made their content delivery process more efficient, both for our members and for their organization. Now, members are able to access all their content from one place including instant access to purchases. It’s called the Auto Care Digital Hub, and it has improved engagement as users are more readily able to find and see the value of members-only content like webinars, and of Auto Care’s industry flagship Factbook. With an analytics integration between Tizra, Google Tag Manager and their Association Management software, they are also able to gather highly detailed information they can act on immediately at the tactical level, and strategically over the longer term.

Types: Conference Presentation

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