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Table of Contents

Table of Contents

2018 Tizra User Group Keynote: Mark Jannot


The Customer is Always: Harnessing the Power of Authentic Content in a Conditional World

We publish in challenging times. Print is dead, expertise is over, individuals navigate the infinite information marketplace by forging filter bubbles that invisibly coddle their every prized preconception. How can we cut through the cacophony and deploy our content in a way that reaches, engages, and activates the audience we seek? In this keynote, award-winning content strategist Mark Jannot, former Editor-in-Chief of Popular Science, VP, Content, National Audubon Society and President of the American Society of Magazine Editors, lays out a radically reader-centric approach to publishing and take us through the steps to creating a content plan that serves the organizational core mission by serving the customer first.

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