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Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Using XML to Create a Better Online Reading Experience


The American Payroll Association recently launched XML-based publications on Tizra, and as a result APA's authoritative books for payroll professionals are now available in crisp, reflowable HTML, creating a user experience that feels like a truly digital native product, rather than a conversion from print.

XML-based publishing also creates a better mobile reading experience, supports more precise search and navigation, and opens the door to better accessibility for users with low vision and other disabilities. Tizra’s partners at Scribe supported APA through the process of producing the XML for loading into Tizra, and incorporating their Well-Formed-Document-Workflow – an XML workflow that employs the best practices of publishing and helps publishers achieve the highest levels of editorial and design while producing content that will be functional for years to come, all the while maintaining control over design, content, processes, and business.

In this webinar, you’ll hear directly from APA’s Laura Lough and Ed Kowalski, as well as David Alan Rech of Scribe and Tizra’s Abe Dane and David Durand - as they all share their motivations for incorporating XML, relate their experiences in the planning and process throughout the collaboration, and give a report on the results thus far!

Presented by:

Laura Lough, Esq. - Director of Publications for the American Payroll Association.

Edward Kowalski, Esq. - Manager, Payroll Information Resources, for the American Payroll Association.

David Alan Rech - President, Scribe

David Durand - Tizra Co-Founder

Abe Dane - Tizra Co-Founder

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